Research Description

Experience, Thought and Activity.

York Gunther (ed) Essays on Nonconceptual Content, MIT Press, 2002

Content, Embodiment and Objectivity. - The Theory of Cognitive Trails -

Mind, 101, October 1992, pp. 651-688, and reprinted in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science: Conceptual Issues, edited by A. Clark and J. Toribio, Garland, 1997

Subjectivity, Objectivity and Frames of Reference in Evans's Theory of Thought.

published in Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy available at

Norms, Networks, and Trails.

- Relations between different topologies of activity, kinds of normativity, and the new weird metaphysics of Actor Network Theory. And some cautions about the contents of the ethnographer's toolkit -

This paper was written originally for the 1997 Keele Conference on Actor Network Theory. I requested that it not be published in the book of that conference. Cite or use only with author's permission; @ Adrian Cussins
5/30/97; minor changes January 2001

The Connectionist Construction of Concepts.

1990. In M. Boden (ed) The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, in the Oxford Readings in Philosophy Series, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.368-440; to be reprinted in part in Gunther (ed) "Essays on Nonconceptual Content", MIT Press, 2002

Nonconceptual Content and the Elimination of Misconceived Composites!

Published in 1993: "Nonconceptual Content and the Elimination of Misconceived Composites!", Mind and Language, volume 8, number 2, Summer 1993, (pp. 234-252)

Limitations of Pluralism.

Published in 1992 in D. Charles and K. Lennon (eds) Reduction, Explanation and Realism. Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 179-223